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Director of Education

Monument View Montessori Charter School

Skills and Knowledge
The Director of Education (DOE) directs and shape the curricula and teaching processes in the school. The Director of Education will work with educational committees and advisory groups within the community to come up with the best approach for teaching Montessori education in the public sector. The Director of Education is responsible for developing the necessary approaches to achieve student proficiency in core academic areas by meeting or exceeding state and Monument View Montessori Charter School content standards. Another key role of an education director is providing advice to teachers, school administrators and support staff. They provide training in the use of educational materials and techniques. Education directors advise educators on how to comply with local, state and national standards, as well as work closely with the school board to apply the board’s rules and regulations.

Work Environment
The Director of Education researches and evaluates the curricula, teaching procedures and educational materials to be used at Monument View Montessori Charter School. The DOE may work with other schools or in a variety of other settings that offer comparable education.

Education directors research and select textbooks, as well as other educational materials and order or authorize the purchase of supplies. They may also be involved with the research and design of educational materials and instructional methods. Other job duties of education directors include mentoring new teachers, teaching workshops or seminars and observing teachers in the classroom. Additionally, education directors may provide constructive feedback based on teacher evaluations. Other duties may be assigned by the School Board of Directors.

The DOE reports jointly and is evaluated by the School Board of Directors and the Director of Operations.

Bachelor’s Degree in an education-related field

Other Requirements:

CPR/First Aid certification/FEMA training (within 30 days)

CBI/FBI fingerprint clearance and background check (pre-employment)

Be physically strong and able to lift at least 50 pounds

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