Enrollment Info

Monument View Montessori welcomes all students and strives to create and maintain a diverse student population. Monument View Montessori does not discriminate against applicants or their families on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, parent’s marital status or political affiliation, or any other protected status. Feel free to email k.carpenter@mvmcharter.org or call 970-858-3798  to receive more information. If you are ready to apply, fill out our Intent to Enroll form here.

Priority Enrollment 

Select groups of students will not participate in the enrollment lottery but will be granted priority enrollment for Kindergarten through 3rd grade. In order of preference, these groups include: 

  1. Currently enrolled students (starting in year 2)
  2. Siblings of currently enrolled students
    1. Siblings include children whose primary guardian(s) are also the primary guardians of other children already enrolled in the program (in the case of joint custody, primary guardians must have custody at least 50% of the time). This could include 1⁄2 siblings, step siblings, adopted siblings, cousins, nieces, or nephews being cared for by grandparents, etc. If a child is drawn during the enrollment lottery for an enrollment spot at MVM and they have eligible siblings, those siblings will be automatically granted enrollment if there is space at their grade level.
  3. Children of Founding Families
    1. Children of founding families are defined as 1) children of the founding school leaders who completed at least 20 hours of volunteer work with MVM. In the opening year, founding families may be exempt from the lottery if they meet the requirements to qualify as a founding family by volunteering at least 30 hours of their time in the development of the charter between May 2016 and March 2017. A complete list of eligible families and the number of hours volunteered will be provided to the Head of School before the enrollment lottery on March 14th and kept on record at the school.
  4. Children of School Employees
    1. Children of school employees will be exempt from the lottery provided that the parent who is employed at MVM has full or joint custody of the child. Employees include anyone who works at least halftime. NOTE: The number of children of founders/employees given priority enrollment shall not exceed 20% of the total enrollment. In the case that more than 20% of the enrollment is founding/employee children, priority within this group shall be given to children of the founding families with the highest number of volunteer hours and children of full-time staff. 

Lottery Eligibility 

  1. Before enrolling in the lottery, interested parents/legal guardians of potential students are encouraged to participate in an informational workshop. Workshops will be led by MVM staff, providing an overview of Montessori as it applies to child development, the academic content of the Montessori curriculum, and details about Monument View Montessori and the enrollment process. 
  2. Parents who wish to be considered for the lottery must complete an intent to enroll form by the 3rd Monday in February. Submitted applications will be compiled into a database of all families with completed intent to enroll forms to ensure their inclusion in the lottery. Parents will be notified of receipt of intent to enroll forms by email or phone within 2 business days of receipt of a complete intent to enroll form.
  3. Placement in a program is determined by the student’s age as of September 1st for students entering Kindergarten and 1st grade in the upcoming school year. Each lottery waitlist will remain active for one school year. To participate in the subsequent year’s lottery, parents/legal guardians must indicate that they want their child to be considered for that lottery, and must update their intent to enroll form by the 3rd Monday in February. Any potential student who is offered a position and declines placement in MVM will lose all lottery positions for that particular student. Students may re-apply for the lottery the following day; however, their names will be placed at the end of the compiled waitlist.
  4. After available spots for each grade level have been filled by the lottery, the remaining students will be placed on an “order drawn” list that will become the wait list for openings that may arise in the upcoming school year.
  5. Lottery Dates: MVM’s lottery for available positions in the opening school year will be held on the 1st Monday in March. The lottery will be advertised by a variety of means such as print, school website, open house events, and social media. Families interested in having their child/children included in the lottery must have completed an intent to enroll form for each child and have submitted it to MVM by the 3rd Monday in February. 

Parents/legal guardians whose children are selected in the lottery for available spots in the upcoming school year will be notified the same day by phone and/or email of their child/children’s selection. If the parents cannot be reached on the same day, administrative staff will continue attempts to contact parents/guardians for four days. If parents/legal guardians are not reached during that time, they will forfeit their child/children’s position in the lottery, and their child/children’s names will be placed at the bottom of the waitlist. 

Spanish and other non-English notifications will be provided for those parents/legal guardians who have indicated Spanish as the preferred language.  

MVM must receive a verbal confirmation of intent to enroll each selected student no later than four (4) business days after the lottery and notification, and parents/legal guardians must complete an Enrollment Packet within ten (10) days after verbal confirmation of intent to enroll. 

Should a position in the school become available from May 1st through September 15th, parents/legal guardians with children on the waitlist will have two (2) days upon verbal notification to notify MVM of acceptance of those positions.  MVM will attempt to contact parents/legal guardians for two (2) days only during this time. It is the responsibility of the parents/legal guardians of a potential student to maintain current contact information with the school. After October 1st, no new students will be enrolled in the current school year, unless the Head of School deems such action appropriate. 

Currently, enrolled students have priority enrollment in MVM for the following school year. Starting in December, parents, guardians, or legal custodians of the students currently attending MVM must declare their intentions to re-enroll in the next academic school year NO LATER than January 31st. The mvmcharter.org website will post a link and reminder to parents/legal guardians of the need to complete and submit a re-enrollment form. The enrollment form will also be emailed to parents/legal guardians. It is the parent/legal guardian’s responsibility to submit the re-enrollment form by January 31st or they will forfeit their child’s position and be subject to general lottery rules.


Intent to Enroll FormDue the 3rd Monday in February
Interviews/informational workshopInterviews will be conducted as applications are received. Families are advised to participate in an interview or informational workshop to learn about the Montessori Educational Philosophy and goal setting. (Several options exist to reasonably accommodate family needs and schedules)
Enrollment LotteryFirst Monday in March
Lottery NotificationFirst Monday in March
Parental acceptance of EnrollmentVerbal confirmation must be received no later than four (4) business days after lottery notification (Friday after the lottery}.
Students accepted off waitlist and applications considered on a rolling basisFourteen (14) days after the lottery
Submit Enrollment PackageDue ten (10) days after verbal confirmation of enrollment