job opportunity

Lower Elementary Lead Teacher
Monument View Montessori Charter School

Skills and Knowledge
The Lower Elementary Lead Teacher, serving grades 1-3, provides an organized working environment, conducive to the development of students, using the Montessori Method. Working in close collaboration with the Primary Teacher(s), the Lower Elementary Teacher guides, monitors, and supervises children using Montessori techniques and training to deliver a sound Montessori Lower Elementary program that is integrated into a 3-year curriculum. S/he has strong writing skills, and is organized and articulate. The teacher will possess a friendly disposition, demonstrate leadership and emotional maturity, and have a love of learning and playing. The Lower Elementary teacher is responsible for maintaining student well-being and safety.

Work Environment
The Lower Elementary Lead Teacher is responsible for all aspects of the classroom: classroom management, outdoor education, lesson planning, record-keeping, progress reporting, and student and parent interactions. The teacher provides ongoing support and engagement with students in creating and maintaining a non-discriminatory, all-inclusive program with high academic standards and a commitment to social and emotional learning and growth. S/he maintains and fosters constructive interactions with students and parents. The teacher participates in weekly staff meetings, and will periodically attend school functions and events after regular school hours. Throughout the school, the Lower Elementary Lead Teacher will demonstrate grace and courtesy.

Bachelor’s degree

Demonstrate subject matter competency by passing a PLACE or Praxis II assessment, or pass the Elementary HOUSSE provision for Veteran Teachers.

Montessori Lower Elementary Certification or willingness to obtain.

Minimum one year of teaching experience
Sound knowledge of Montessori education

Other Requirements:

CPR/First Aid certification/FEMA training (within 30 days)

CBI/FBI fingerprint clearance and background check (pre-employment)

Be physically strong and able to lift at least 50 pounds

Continuing professional development – 15 hours per school year

Please submit resumes to Cori Rasmussen at