Monument View Montessori Charter School is a FREE public charter school created by the community, for the community.

For the 2018/2019 school year, we offer a paid preschool program, half and full-day kindergarten, elementary school (1st – 4th grade), and before and aftercare. For the upcoming 2019/2020 school year, we will be adding 5th grade.

Our goal is to provide a Montessori-based educational system for our multi-faceted and diverse community. We also recognize that this is the 21st Century, and our children need to be prepared for a new world; a world very different than the one we grew up in.

Classical language and arts are vital components of any educational system, but our goal is to provide that along with training for our children so that they are as prepared as possible for the world ahead.

We strive to keep alive the spark that is in all children. The natural desire to learn about the world around them, but to learn about this world in their own personal and independent way.