Job Opportunity

Special Education Teacher – Part-time

Monument View Montessori Charter School

Skills and Knowledge

The special education teacher will service the needs of students currently on IEPs.  It is important that you are able to establish a warm, trusting relationship with all students. The special education teacher is responsible for educating children in grades kindergarten to fourth grade who are diagnosed with a number of physical, mental and emotional disabilities. The Sped teacher is required to follow the guidelines for each student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail is a must to maintain the extensive recordkeeping and paperwork requirements for each IEP.  The IEP includes supports, accommodations, and goals for the child. The special education teacher must have good communication skills. He/she will attend meetings with parents and staff regarding the IEP and make necessary modifications during the year. The special education teacher will work with children both in and outside the classroom to help these students meet their goals.

Work Environment

The special education teacher will work in our Montessori elementary classroom, alongside the Lead Montessori teacher and the paraprofessional aide.  The nature of students’ disabilities will determine the look, feel and tone of the room. Having to accommodate students’ needs may be stressful at times.  The Sped teacher must stay calm and help the student work through frustration.


  • Hold a bachelor’s degree, in education and a credential in special education.


  • At least one year of experience working with special education students.
  • Some experience compiling IEPs using the Alpine Achievement Program.


Contact Cori Rasmussen at 970-858-3798 or to apply.