SPED Teacher


This position is an exciting opportunity at a growing and unique charter school that is primed for growth in the Grand Junction and Fruita area.


Through compassionate, caring, and efficacious instruction and planning, assist students in their efforts to meet their full social, emotional, physical, behavioral, and academic potential. Create, modify, and maintain lesson plans, work, and curricula to meet individual student needs. Must be able to work independently as well as coordinate and collaborate with the instructional and administrative teams.


The Special Education (SPED) Teacher will meet the needs of students currently on Individual Education Plans (IEPs) as well as to guide students and their families through the identification and assessment process. It is important that the SPED Teacher is able to establish a warm, trusting relationship with all students. The SPED Teacher is responsible for educating children in grades kindergarten to 5th grade who are diagnosed with a number of physical, mental, and emotional disabilities. The SPED Teacher is required to follow the guidelines for each student’s IEP. Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail is required to maintain documentation requirements for each IEP. The SPED Teacher must have good communication skills. S/he will attend meetings with parents and staff regarding the IEP and make necessary modifications during the year. The SPED Teacher will work with children both in and outside the classroom to help students meet their respective goals. S/he will coordinate READ plan assessment, reporting, and interventions, and will coordinate a Response to Intervention team with the lead teachers.


The SPED Teacher will work in the Montessori elementary classroom, alongside the Lead Montessori teacher and the paraprofessional aide. The teacher provides ongoing support and engagement with students in creating and maintaining a non-discriminatory, all-inclusive program with high academic standards and a commitment to social and emotional learning and growth. S/he maintains and fosters constructive interactions with students and parents. The teacher participates in staff meetings, and will periodically attend school functions and events after regular school hours. Throughout the school, the SPED Teacher will demonstrate grace and courtesy. This is a 10 month position, paid over 12 months. The opportunity may exist to oversee a summer program as an additional paid position.


Bachelors Degree in Education or equivalent experience and licensure.


Special Education Licensure with appropriate endorsement(s). CPR/First Aid certification/FEMA training (within 30 days)


Knowledge of Montessori education and learning environments is strongly prioritized

Other Requirements:

CBI/FBI fingerprint clearance and background check (pre-employment) Be physically strong and able to lift at least 50 pounds
Continuing professional development – 15 hours per school year

SALARY:​ Competitive and commensurate with experience.

To apply, please submit resumé and qualifications to Nick Zielinski a​t ​n.zielinski@mvmcharter.org.