Monument View Montessori Charter School
Upper Elementary Lead Position 2019/2020

Monument View Montessori Charter School is looking for a Montessori Upper Elementary Lead Teacher.

Please direct inquiries to Beverley Brownson, Head of School at 970-858-3798. The ideal candidate will possess the following:

• Bachelor’s Degree
• 1-year Teaching Experience
• AMS Upper Elementary Certification or willingness to train
• Sound Knowledge of Montessori Education

Job Responsibilities
• work in close collaboration with the lower elementary teacher
• provide an organized working environment, conducive to the development of students, using the Montessori Method.
• guide, monitor, and supervise children using Montessori techniques and training
• maintain and foster constructive interactions with students and parents
• Deliver a sound, philosophical Montessori Upper Elementary Program that is integrated into a 3-year curriculum.
• Co-create and nurture a classroom environment that is conducive to the growth and development of students in the realization of their fullest potential
• Provide ongoing support and engagement with students in creating and maintained a non-discriminatory all-inclusive program with high academic standards and a commitment to social and emotional learning and growth.
• Strong writing skills
• Organized, articulate, sensitive, warm with a desire to inspire and nurture
• Friendly, motivated, flexible
• Responsible for all aspects of the classroom; classroom management, outdoor education, lesson planning, record-keeping, progress reporting, parent interactions
• Attend relative school functions
• Maintains student well-being and safety
• Participates in ongoing professional developments
• Participates in parent education evenings
• Coordinates student assessments
• Possesses a deep understanding of child development
• Leadership and emotional maturity
• Love of learning
• Love of playing
• Drive for excellence
• Commitment to each child
• Friendly disposition
• Strong capacity for kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness
• Committed to self-development
• Implement a Montessori Curriculum aligned with CDE State Standards
Implements and role models Mo